Why Enterprises need to Adopt ITOA

Today the drive to reduce business and IT risks is more important and critical than ever before. The variety and complexity of dynamic infrastructures challenges IT organizations driving them to adopt innovative techniques, trying to accurately predict how services will perform. So when it comes to optimizing IT operations, we see many drivers for adopting IT Operations Analytics (ITOA).

Why is IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) technology a must for enterprises

By Kevin Conklin
VP of Marketing, Prelert

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) technology is a must for enterprises needing to improve their day-to-day IT operations for the following five reasons:

  1. Data environments are getting too large to manage: It isn't humanly possible for an IT team of any size to provide minute-by-minute oversight of the huge volumes of data generated by today's systems. The amount of data being fed in continues to expand, making it increasingly harder to analyze and gain useful information. ITOA can automatically process huge volumes of data and provide the insights you need.
  2. Security needs to improve: Security based solely on known threats isn't going to stop today's cyber criminals. Traditional methods are inadequate because you cannot find threats if you don't know they exist. ITOA technology can help enterprises by automatically establishing baselines of normal behaviors and identifying anomalies.
  3. Improved response time: ITOA technology monitors your systems in real-time, enabling your team to take corrective action as soon as anomalies are detected. Instead of running post mortems that help you figure out what went wrong, ITOA can show you what is going wrong in real-time.
  4. See only relevant information: ITOA technology reduces the time needed to mine data for answers. The alerts generated will often provide the data necessary to identify affected domains right away. This slashes troubleshooting times dramatically while making it possible to go right to the domains and experts best able to resolve the problem quickly.
  5. Focus your IT team on higher-level tasks: The automated nature of ITOA technology frees a company's IT team from having to set thresholds, develop signatures, or just manually search for abnormal behaviors. The ability of ITOA technology to adapt with speed and accuracy minimizes false positives and provides your organization with the resource it needs to weed out any problems in real-time –without throwing an army of data scientists at the data.

About Kevin Conklin
Kevin Conklin is the VP of Marketing at Prelert. Kevin Conklin has contributed to the success of a number of IT management startups. As Vice President of Marketing for VKernel, Kevin redefined product packaging plans increasing users from 5,000 to over 15,000. As VP of Marketing for Mazu, Kevin led the effort to reposition the company as an application delivery management company, increasing revenues over 50% and leading to the acquisition by Riverbed Technologies. ..

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